Although we all hope to be unable to call 911, it is essential that the correct data is forwarded to emergency operators. Sadly, sometimes, if you don’t actually talk to the operator, you’ll be caught maybe because you’re in immediate risk or your speaking is impaired.

The new 911 functionality of Google aims to deal with these situations. Google will be able to point the operator to your place and the sort of assistance that you will need, whether it is health, fire or police, without speaking a word with the. speech technology on Duplex and Pixel’s call – screening technology.

Google will offer you your place when you call 911, or the emergency number of your countries, so that if you are willing to talk you can relay it to your operator. You can click on the sort of assistance that you need if you are not and Google will talk for you.

Although it is slightly disconcerting to rely on an AI service to save your lives, it can be an invaluable choice. It’s not hard to imagine a scenario in which this is useful say, when you hide and don’t want to be heard, or when you physically can’t speak.

Certainly, in many cases your phone will automatically share your locator if you call 911, but the additional specificities could give you the assistance you need faster. After the automated message, you can also talk straight to the operator if you wish.

The fresh feature will be accessible in “the next months, “starting with Pixel phones from Google, although it indicates that the business can also land on other devices.


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