You know what WhatsApp and Instagram have missed so far? Facebook. The two services may have been owned by the social network since. many. years. but. how would ordinary people know?Also, don’t you think that Instagram and WhatsApp are just…too short, and to the point? Not convoluted enough, perhaps?

Well, according to a fresh study by “three individuals with knowledge about the subject, “this ‘bug’ will quickly be corrected. Instagram and WhatsApp staff have already been notified by Facebook that they intend to rebuild both applications.

So ladies and gentlemen ,be ready for “WhatsApp on Facebook” and “Facebook on Instagram.” See, not any longer short, not to the point or not Problem solved. One should wonder how long it will take for “Boomerang on Instagram” to be “Facebook Boomerang on Instagram. “Don’t say you haven’t been advised.

Until then the changes to WhatsApp and Instagram were confirmed by a Facebook spokesman: “We want to be clearer about the Facebook products and services. “With the adverse media attention that has gained recently, it is a good idea to tell Facebook loaters all. around the. globe. that WhatsApp and Instagram are, of course, also of the Facebook company! WhatsApp and Instagram.


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