Social Network giant Facebook is creating a new messaging app called Threads to take on competing multimedia messaging app Snapchat. The app will allow users to share their status, place, and other data with their nearest friends.

According to The Verge, an internal Facebook test thread app will accompany the Instagram photo-sharing app.

The Verge said:’ Threads’ was conceived as a partner to Instagram and invites users to share their place, speed and battery life with friends automatically, together with more typical texts, photographs and video messages using the creative Instagram instruments.

While Thread users can manually update their status, Facebook offers them the choice of automatic sharing. The app will update user status with data, such as place, speed and more, shared with friends.

Facebook, however, will not allow a user share place in real time. The app will instead inform friends of customers that the customer is “on the move.”

Users can also be used to send emails as all friends ‘ messages appear in a core feed. Green points will also be given to show which of your active mates.

Thread users can also view their friends posted on Instagram in the Thread App stories. In the Thread application, users can also capture pictures and videos.

For now we don’t understand when the app will be released by Facebook or whether it will even look like it did for “Direct,” an app that killed Instagram at the start of this year.

Instagram refused to comment.


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