The Threads app which was launched to rival SnapChat is an Instagram companion that let users to share text, videos, and photos with your close friends.

“Thread is a standalone app designed with privacy, speed, and your close connections in mind,” Instagram’s director of product Robby Stein said. “You can share photos, videos, messages, Stories, and more with your Instagram close friends list.”

Threads is all about three things; the camera (for images and videos), messages and Status. For the camera, users can easily access Threads from their camera app to share photos and videos. Although there isn’t any filter for your photos, the app provides customizable shortcuts for your close friends whose profile picture is put right on the bottom of the camera screen to easily send pictures or videos.

For the messages, Threads you can access your direct Instagram messages on the Threads app which is limited to your close friends alone.

“You can use Threads to contact certain people on your Instagram close friends list and you’ll have a dedicated inbox and updates only for them,” Stein said.

Since Threads is all about “your smaller group of friends,” users are in complete charge of who can reach them and as well whom they choose to connect with.

“You are in control of who can reach you on Threads, and you can customize the experience around the people who matter most,” Stein said.

Last on the list is Status. Threads allows users the option of automatically posting status updates about where they are, at the cafe and on the go without revealing exact locations. There are pre-populated statuses that Instagram has developed that users can choose from, or just select an emoji and a few words to create a Status.

Users will decide for how long they want to keep the Status visible between one to four hours.

You can choose from a suggested status, create your own or turn on Auto Status, which automatically shares little bits of context on where you are without giving away your coordinates,” Stein said.

Only your close friends will see your status, and it’s completely opt-in.”

Based on Facebook’s previous history of user data, this app poses security issues about the protection of user’s data, Facebook insists users information is in safe hands. “Status is built with you in mind- you decide how you share your status or with whom.

Threads is available for Android and iOS users


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