To celebrate the World Health Mental Day, Facebook launches a variety of stickers and filters. The company said it would release a series of “Let’s Talk” story filters to help people connect with others, who might struggle to reach for support.

In honor of World Mental Health Day, and to help people have important conversations around mental health, we’re releasing a ‘Let’s Talk’ Stories filter on Facebook and Messenger,” Facebook said. “Developed with input from the World Health Organization (WHO), the filter acts as an invitation for friends who might be struggling to reach out for support through Messenger.”

Facebook also launches a new bundle of mental health stickers on Messenger. Each time a sticker is used, Facebook will donate up to 1 million dollars to mental health organizations.

It’s our hope that these tools will make it easier for people to begin conversations that can lead to support,” the firm said.

Give me the impression that social media is a place where people freely express themselves, in the face of the negative effect that Facebook and the social media are having on mental health and that this media is intended to help people who might struggle to find support but are unaware who can access it.

Here’s what the social giant had to say:

Social media is where people can turn to celebrate the best moments in life or seek assistance in some of the most difficult ones. While an online community can provide invaluable encouragement, many of us consider the exchange of personal feelings in a broad audience unsettling.

Private messaging on the other hand, could make it easier to chat about emotional and sensitive topics, according to a survey Facebook conducted in the UK, US and Australia. The respondents said that when texts versus in person, they would communicate more clearly and openly. Finally, 80% of the people surveyed said they felt totally honest when they were speaking.


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